Sarah Patel, Infant Sleep Consultant

As a certified Sleep Consultant, my goal is to support and educate you and your family regarding your specific needs and concerns. Together, we’ll create a personalised plan designed to solve your particular sleep woes.


All About Me

I am a certified sleep consultant for babies and young children. I have a BSC in Cognitive Science, PGCE in Primary Education and an MA in Education.

Before having my own children I taught in an inner-London primary school and experienced first-hand how vital sleep, routine, consistency and setting boundaries are to giving children the right environment to learn and thrive. 

Sleep is essential to our well being and without it we struggle to perform the simplest of tasks. I believe that teaching your child to feel safe and secure when they fall asleep as well as gradually introducing ways in which they can self settle during the night can have a hugely positive impact on the whole family’s well-being.

I have two children who are 18 months apart, I know what were we thinking ?! My sister in law has four kids who have all naturally slept well right from the onset and I was hopeful that ours would have the same 'magic sleep genes' but alas that was not to be the case! I invested a lot of time and effort (I admit I was a little obsessed with their sleep) and they are now lovers of bedtime and sleep in general! Some of my happiest days have been whilst on maternity leave but those weeks when they were waking every 45 minutes or getting up for the day at 5am after several night feeds nearly broke me! The weeks dragged on and I felt like I was barely getting through the day let alone enjoying my time with them. Those feelings were the ones that led me to retraining. I feel incredibly lucky to be in a position where I can help families achieve realistic sleep goals which ultimately improve everyone's well-being.

Sleep Philosophy

The chances are if you have arrived at the teach to sleep website you have presumably spent a large amount of time googling your child’s particular difficulties and you have probably been given lots of well-meaning advice from friends and family. This can feel overwhelming, especially when you are most likely a tad sleep deprived! In my experience, what works for one family, does not necessarily work for another. 


My approach is to always to give infants, babies and children the skills to settle themselves to sleep, whether at bedtime, the middle of the night or nap time. I aim to help parents give their children the sleep they deserve and need.

Sleeping Baby

Client Talk

Straight From Families I have worked with

I am so happy to say that most of my clients come through word of mouth and recommendations.

It is really important to me that my clients feel satisfied with my services. One of the best parts of this job is helping families transform their sleep situations and hearing how they are now doing. Read some of the testimonials and reviews below, and get in touch if you’d like to submit your own.

I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough for all the advice and support she has given me. It has transformed our nights and we are now all benefiting from good nights sleep! She listened to our situation and gave practical, logical advice and was always happy to explain the rationale. I felt like she ‘held my hand’ when I needed it and gave me the confidence to make the changes that were needed. I couldn’t have done it without her!

Rebecca and her 3 year old

Sarah's help has been priceless since my son stopped sleeping through the night at 7 months old and started waking every 1-2 hours. She is patient and thoughtful and her suggestions are sensitive and well thought through.It's incredible what an expert she is on baby sleep and how she gives you the tools to be the expert on your baby. Oliver now wakes only 1-2 times a night and,most importantly,we are completely clued up about any signs he gives us that his needs are changing.
Thank goodness for Sarah!

Vicky and her 7 month old son

Sarah was really great to work with, friendly supportive and really took the time to understand our baby and our needs. We said straight away that any form of cry it out wouldn’t work for us and Sarah never suggested it. The tweaks she did suggest helped to make bedtimes easier and smoother. She guided us through changes when we felt our baby was ready which has resulted in better naps and better nighttime sleep for all of us.
I would definitely recommend Sarah if you are looking for someone who listens and puts your baby first.


Ami and her 18 month old



Get in touch to book a consultation, or leave me a message about anything else and I’ll get back to you.

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