My first born starting waking every 45 minutes at night during the 4 month progression and I really struggled with the sleep deprivation. I was desperate to get some more sleep and I ended up doing sleep training. Leaving my baby to cry went against all of my parenting instincts but I didn't know that there were other ways to improve sleep, ways which are loving and gentle and can get everyone more sleep. I am not here to judge anyone (being a parent is hard enough without the judgement), I am here to offer an alternative to sleep training.


My courses are for those of you wanting to have a better understanding of infant sleep. These courses will teach you how to work out what your little one's particular sleep needs are and how you can create personalised routines which support these.  You will learn strategies which will support stress free naps, bedtime and night time sleep.

These courses are not for everyone, they do not provide rigid sleep schedules or sleep strategies which use sleep training methods such as cry it out, extinction or any other non responsive methods.

Baby Sleeping


Teaching and empowering parents to help their babies and toddlers sleep without using cry it out and without the stress!

Sarah's online courses aim to leave you feeling knowledgeable, reassured and empowered.

The content is broken down into manageable chunks which are in a range of format such as video, audio and written guidance.

Each course contains age specific content as well as a troubleshooting section on how to work through common sleep blips and woes.


You will have unlimited access to the content so you can keep coming back as and when you need to.

My courses are for you, if you,

  • feel stressed by short naps.

  • need a way to cope with frequent night wakings.

  • want to understand what your little one  needs when it comes to supporting their sleep journey.

  • want to understand why your little one is waking during the night

  • dread bedtime.

  • want to know what is realistic an normal when it comes to infant sleep.

  • are struggling with early morning wake ups.

  • want to know what to do when it comes to developmental leaps.

To help you decide if this online course is right for you and your family, check out some common questions and answers, here

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As a new mum I have found it difficult to get reliable advice and reassurance to what I am doing with my baby is normal and okay. This course has been helpful in doing just that ! The videos are extremely informative and also not too long. Easy to follow instructions and really helpful tips. I wish I had gone through this course when I was pregnant for preparation but was still just as helpful with my 2 month old. Highly recommend this course, thank you Sarah !


 Online Courses

I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough for all the advice and support she has given me. It has transformed our nights and we are now all benefiting from good nights sleep! She listened to our situation and gave practical, logical advice and was always happy to explain the rationale. I felt like she ‘held my hand’ when I needed it and gave me the confidence to make the changes that were needed. I couldn’t have done it without her!