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Hello, I'm Sarah,

I am really passionate about empowering and supporting parents to get more sleep without leaving little ones to cry themselves to sleep. 


I believe that there are much better, more nurturing ways to teach our children to learn to fall asleep feeling safe and secure.  This is what ultimately leads them to being able to self settle during the night and sleep independently.

Having previously taught in an inner-London primary school I have experienced first-hand how vital sleep, routine, consistency and setting boundaries are to giving children the right environment to learn and thrive. 

Along with having a PGCE in Primary Education, I have a BSC in Cognitive Science, and an MA in Education as well as being a certified sleep consultant for babies and young children.

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I have two children who are 18 months apart, I know what were we thinking ?! My sister in law has four kids who have all naturally slept well right from the onset and I was hopeful that ours would have the same 'magic sleep genes' but alas that was not to be the case! I invested a lot of time and effort (I admit I was a little obsessed with their sleep) and they are now lovers of bedtime and sleep in general! Some of my happiest days have been whilst on maternity leave but those weeks when they were waking every 45 minutes or getting up for the day at 5am after several night feeds nearly broke me! The weeks dragged on and I felt like I was barely getting through the day let alone enjoying my time with them. Those feelings were the ones that led me to retraining. I feel incredibly lucky to be in a position where I can help families achieve realistic sleep goals which ultimately improve everyone's well-being. One thing I am incredibly passionate about is achieving sleep goals whilst supporting attachment and encouraging responsive parenting, so I don't use any techniques which are non responsive such as crying it out.

How can I help?

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