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Clients’ Stories

What families say about working with me

Sarah's help has been priceless since my son stopped sleeping through the night at 7 months old and started waking every 1-2 hours. She is patient and thoughtful and her suggestions are sensitive and well thought through.It's incredible what an expert she is on baby sleep and how she gives you the tools to be the expert on your baby. Oliver now wakes only 1-2 times a night and, most importantly, we are completely clued up about any signs he gives us that his needs are changing.

Thank goodness for Sarah!

Vicky Young

Sarah was really great to work with, friendly supportive and really took the time to understand our baby and our needs. We said straight away that any form of cry it out wouldn’t work for us and Sarah never suggested it. The tweaks she did suggest helped to make bedtimes easier and smoother. She guided us through changes when we felt our baby was ready which has resulted in better naps and better nighttime sleep for all of us.

I would definitely recommend Sarah if you are looking for someone who listens and puts your baby first.

Ami Beeton

Sarah gave me some excellent, realistic and helpful advice. I felt I could ask all of the questions that had been running around in my mind. She took her time; made sure she understood our circumstances and gave me some really helpful tools that I could put into action straight away.
As a first time mum, I have questioned many of my decisions that I have made to try and create better sleep habits for my son and Sarah gave me the confidence to trust my instincts and also shared some helpful facts about babies sleep patterns and needs. I love that you get a follow up call as and when you need it, as although things quickly improved, as they started to change I then had some questions about the next sleep 'chapter' and it was great to know that I had that call which I could use when I felt it was the right time.
I would highly recommend Sarah.

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