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Frequently Asked Questions


If your question is not answered below please feel free to email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

What methods do you use your consultations?

I am all about the gentle, respectful and responsive methods which means I don’t advocate the use of cry it out or any methods which are non responsive.

Do you guarantee improved sleep?

Unfortunately I can never guarantee that you little one's sleep will improve due to the many variables at play. I only take clients on who I believe I can make a difference to, which is why I will only book you in for a consultation once I have read through your sleep questionnaire. Almost all of my clients come from recommendations.

Do you support multiples?

Yes, there is no extra charge for consultations for multiples. However for siblings of different ages you will need a separate consultation.

Do you offer consultations for outside the UK?

Yes, our telephone consultations are available worldwide.

What happens once I have completed my sleep questionnaire?

I will email you to find a mutually convenient date and time. Once we have agreed on a time and date,  I will email you an invoice. After receiving payment I will confirm your booking, email you a detailed sleep questionnaire (this will need to be complete two days before our consultation) and send a link for our call.

Do you do consultations on the evenings and weekends?

I offer consultations during the day in the week from 9.30am - 5pm. I occasionally do consultations over the weekend, please email me for my availability.

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