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Live workshops are for those of you who have limited time and want age specific sleep advice with the option to ask personalised questions.  Each workshop lasts 60 minutes and includes plenty of opportunities to ask personlised questions. Partners are welcome to join at no extra cost. A recording is emailed 24 hours after the workshop.

Baby Sleeping


Teaching and empowering parents to help their babies and toddlers sleep without using cry it out and without the stress!


Smiling Baby

0-5 months


✔️ Creating loose routines to      help regulate your baby's body clock

✔️ Creating a stress free bedtime routine

✔️  Creating a bedtime environment conducive to sleep

✔️ Practicing cot naps

✔️ How much sleep should your baby be getting?

✔️ How to manage the needs of a toddler and a baby

✔️ How to navigate the 4 month progression

✔️ How to co-sleep safely

Recording Now Available

Mother Holding Baby

6-18 months

£ 25pp

✔️ Age related expectations for napping and night time sleep

✔️ How to develop a naptime routine

✔️ Tips on extending naps

✔️ Frequent Night wakings

✔️ Options for night weaning

✔️ Developmental leaps

✔️ Dropping naps

✔️ Transitioning to the cot/and or a new room

✔️ Separation anxiety

Next Date: Tuesday 17th October, 8.30pm 

Baby's hand holding Parent's hand

Toddler workshop

£ 25pp

✔️ Age related expectations for napping and night time sleep

✔️ Transitioning to a bed and, or their own sleep space

✔️ Transitioning to 1 nap

✔️ Transitioning to dropping the nap

✔️ A battle free bedtime routine

✔️ Options for moving away from rocking/feeding to sleep

✔️ Options for night weaning

✔️ Dealing with night time visits

✔️ Nightmares and night terrors

✔️ Teaching self settling

Next Date: TBC

Image by Jonathan Borba

Excellent workshop, knowledgeable, useful tips and plenty of space for questions. Highly recommend.

Mary and Tabby  (aged 8 months)

I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough for all the advice and support she has given me. It has transformed our nights and we are now all benefiting from good nights sleep! She listened to our situation and gave practical, logical advice and was always happy to explain the rationale. I felt like she ‘held my hand’ when I needed it and gave me the confidence to make the changes that were needed. I couldn’t have done it without her!


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