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In this comprehensive guide for babies 6 months and older, I aim to teach you how to lovingly (no cry it our or non responsive strategies involved) support your little one to sleeping in their own sleep space. We do this step by step and gradually so that you can make the transition in a time frame that suits you and your little one.

The guide covers:

Sleep space options

  • Cot (crib)
  • Toddler bed
  • Floor bed
  • Which might be best for your little one

Setting up the sleep space
Night lights
Sleep space safety
Comforters, how to introduce them
When is a good time to start ?

Example naptime and bedtime routines
Creating positive associations
Getting them into their sleep space
Where to start- naps or bedtime?

Combining independent sleep with bedsharing
Safe bedsharing guidance
Moving away from bedsharing

Trouble shooting

  • Baby won’t unlatch
  • Short naps
  • Early morning wake ups
  • Baby gets upset as soon as they realise it’s sleepy time
  • Baby wakes as soon as they touch the surface
  • Baby keeps rolling onto their tummy

As well as

  • Supporting with falling asleep independently
  • Gentle strategies to move away from an unsustainable sleep support (such as rocking to sleep).


Cot and Floor Bed Guide

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