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Personalised 1:1 Sleep Consultations

Experience Restful Nights with Sarah Patel, Your Expert Sleep Consultant

Are you a tired parent looking for peaceful nights and well-rested children?

Are you tired of conflicting advice on how to help your little one sleep better?

Let's work together to find a gentle approach that suits your family's unique needs. We'll create a nurturing sleep environment that empowers you as parents and brings harmony back into your lives. Reach out today and take the first step towards better sleep for your whole family.

Restful nights for your family


One-Off Call


1 x 45 min Call

Sleep Summary Emailed

This is a great option if you  are looking for reassurance around what is normal when it comes to infant sleep or you are after some quick tips and advice around troubleshooting common sleep difficulties.


Private Consultation & Follow Up 


Initial Consultation (45 min) 

2 x Follow Up Call (30min)

2 x Sleep Diary Analysis 

Notes Emailed after Each Call 

Choice of 1 Sleep Guide

This is for those of you who are after  support which offers follow up support from our initial call and tracks progress. Once we’ve created your personalised sleep plan, you’ll have the opportunity to trial it and come back to me for analysis of two sleep diaries as well as two further sleep consultations.


 Unlimited Sleep Support


Initial Consultation (60 min) 

4 x 45 minute Calls to use Anytime or Unlimited Support for 4 weeks 

Unlimited Sleep Diary Analysis  

Unlimited Sleep Guides 

Personalised Sleep Plan Emailed after Each Call

Access to an Age Appropriate Sleep Course to Continue Sleep Support Journey for any upcoming Sleep Hurdles  

This is perfect for you if you are wanting a fully comprehensive sleep support package which supports you at every step of the way. You will be able to email me everyday and can book calls as and when you need them.


I spoke to Sarah regarding my babies sleep routine as I wanted guidance to ensure I was supporting my babies sleep in the best way. Sarah was very helpful and gave me some useful tips on what to look out for if things weren’t working and suggestions on slight tweaks I could make. I highly recommend a call with her even if it’s just for some reassurance.

Got any questions?

If you're not sure which package to book, want to make sure we're a good fit or worried I won’t be able to help you, book a FREE 15 minute call below.

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